St. John’s, Waupoos

St. John’s is a beautiful little church set among the orchards and vineyards of Waupoos, with a wonderful view of Prince Edward Bay. The original St. John’s Church was built in 1837 on a parcel of land donated by Conrad David. The present church was built on the same site and opened for service on December 13, 1877.

On August 24, 2022, St. John’s, Waupoos held a Service of Thanksgiving & Deconsecration of the Building. As would be expected this was a very difficult and brave decision of the parishioners of this small, seasonal congregation. Below are links to a video of the service, photos from the August 24 service, the Prayers of Thanksgiving, and a brief history of St. John’s.

Click on Photo above for the recorded Service

Photos from the Service
Prayers of Thanksgiving
Click on the Photo for a history of St. John’s, provided by Betty Ostrander (left)
Click on the Photo for another history of St. John’s Anglican Church, by Bill Cowan