Deconsecration of the Building

As sadly expected, the service of Thanksgiving for the Congregation of St. John’s Waupoos had to end with the Deconsecration. In accordance with proper procedures, Bishop Michael Oulton read the Declaration of Secularization, but before this, prayers were said at the Altar, the Chancel Stairs, the Lectern, and the Font. Bishop Oulton’s prayerful approach to… Continue reading Deconsecration of the Building

A short history by Bill Cowan

The closing of St. John’s Anglican Church, Waupoos makes one think back to the role the church has played in North Marysburgh. When the United Empire Loyalists came to Marysburgh in 1784 after the American Revolution, they had many needs. After choosing lots on the Bay side or the Lake side, they went about building… Continue reading A short history by Bill Cowan